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Closed Impeller High Pressure Pump

Impeller for Pumps from 3x2" to 8x6"

Brazmix Original Parts

Closed Impeller for "mestre chico" water pump (high pressure). Available for 3x2 "- 4x3" - 5x4 "- 6x4" - 6x5 "- 8x6" pumps.

Closed Impeller High Pressure Pump

Product operates under the same technical conditions as Brazmix High Pressure Water Pumps.

Technical description

Rotors made of sheet steel and welded in closed modeling.
This impeller model when coupled to a high pressure pump performs well in water movement. With higher delivery pressure than the opened rotor, the closed rotor aims to work with a slightly smaller volume of water, delivering higher pressurization on water lines that do not allow solids, only clean water.
By admitting only clean water, the durability of the internal components is high, prolonging the equipment's use time without changing parts.