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High Pressure Water Pump 3x2"

3" to 2" Reduction Nozzles - Opened or Closed Impellers

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High Pressure Water Pump. Robust and low maintenance trestle. Pump housing combined with our well designed impeller provides high delivery pressure with optimum flow rate.

BRL 2.845,00*

*The informed value is refered to the price list defined for cash for individual sales, available for pick-up at our factory (no freight included). For special deals, multiple product quotes on the same order that includes shipping, different terms for payment, or exports, you must contact the sales department to receive the supplementary information.

High Pressure Water Pump 3x2
2200 rpm 20 CV 35 m³/h 5 mts 15 mts
1800 rpm 10 CV 20 m³/h 3 mts 10 mts


Technical description

Application: Pump line for clean water movement. With proper motorization, it achieves considerable delivery distances while maintaining a good pressure level. This pump is frequently used in agro-industry to move liquids quickly and efficiently; Ideal for crop irrigation boost, fish farm maintenance, well drilling support, industrial wash nozzle boost and many others.

Open or closed impeller acquisition options. In the open impeller option, the Brazmix High Pressure Water Pump supports water with up to 10% solids within 0.5mm. In the closed impeller option, it is not recommended to admit any solids in operation in view of the delivery pressure gain and internal impeller  bowl wear.

Easel made of cast iron, with the same quality and resistance of Brazmix Dredging Pump Line, with shielded bearings and robust shaft for a low maintenance index. Pump plate and impeller made of sheet steel, with a shape that favors its optimum performance and pressure x flow ratio.

Approximate Weight: 3x2" Pump - 57KG / 4x3" Pump - 57KG / 5x4" Pump - 106KG / 6x4" Pump - 108KG / 6x5" Pump 120KG / 8x6" Pump - 123KG. Reported weights may vary without notice. Brazmix high pressure water pumps have fixed nozzles ideal for direct coupling of hoses and hose clamps. Our pumps are not self priming, but have a priming filler cap, which helps in filling the pump and suction pipe with water prior to the begining of operation. To perform the priming process properly, it is necessary to use a foot valve device at the end of the suction pipe.

The parts that make up this high pressure pump are; 1- Housing / Bulge, 2- Impeller, 3- Rubber Gasket, 4- Flange, 5- Sealing Rings, 6- Gasket Tightening Flange, 7- Trestle / Bearing, 8- Bearing Caps, 9- Bolts and Nuts, 10- Graphite gasket, 11- Shaft, 12- Bearings, 13- cotter.

The installation of the motorization and coupling to use this pump is under the responsibility of the customer who purchases it, and should consult the operating performance information (RPM, Flow and Total Gauge Heights) to ensure proper operation of the assembly.