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Products/Spare Parts/Housing for High Pressure Water Pumps

Housing for High Pressure Water Pumps

For pumps from 3x2 "up to 8x6"

Mining, Irrigation and Construction

High pressure water pump snail, sold with rotor or cover only. Available in 3x2 "- 4x3" - 5x4 "- 6x4" - 6x5 "- 8x6".

Housing for High Pressure Water Pumps

Product operates under the same technical conditions as Brazmix High Pressure Water Pumps.

Technical description

Carcass / Snail made of sheet steel. Molded for high pressure pumps. Easy coupling with Brazmix trestles / easels (same as dredge pumps).
Pumps designed to move water with a certain delivery pressure, sufficient to speed up the service and perform the blasting service for washes.
Also intended for irrigation in specific applications of capture and sprinkling in crops.