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Cast Steel Impellers

4 Blades - Cast Steel

Increased Durability

Dredge Pump Impeller with 4 blades for pumps from 3 til 8 inches. Original rotor with longer durability in cast steel.

Cast Steel Impellers

Product operates under the same technical conditions as Brazmix Dredging Pumps

Technical description

Opened 4 blades impeller made of cast steel, for dredge pumps from 3 til 8 inches. 
Part with good support for handling liquid and solid dredging mixtures. It has considerable resistance to organic materials and general liquid movement. When handling abrasive materials such as sand and mud, consider the abrasiveness for natural wear of the product. Part without guarantee of durability due to the different materials that can be admitted by the pump. Recommendation to not use this part on chemicals with possible corrosive agents.
Consult our technical department for assembly dimensions.
Part also available with 3 blades version. Check availability.