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BM-15 Concentrator

Brazmix Centrifugal Concentrator

More Technology for Mining

Centrifugal concentrator for the processing of ore from hammer or ball mills.

Best Efficiency Capacity12 Ton/h
Maximum Processing Capacity15 Ton/h
Input Material Density10% until 65% of Solid
Maximum Input Particle SizeBetween 1 and 2 mm ( 18 and 10 mesh)
Minimum Particle of Concentration Observed170 to 200 mesh
Observed Recovery RateBetween 98% and 99%
Cycle time5 to 7 hrs
Concentration Capacity per Cycle5 to 8 KG
Approximate G-force of Operation150 G's (50 Hz)
Approximate Water Consumption5 to 7 m³/h
Operation Water Pressure4 to 7 PSI
Coupled Motorization5 HP / 230-380
Operational Rotation315 RPM
Dimensions1700x1400x1500 mm (LxWxH)
Weight680 KG


Technical description

This equipment goes into the gold mining process to add technology and agility in everyday life. Designed to work in line with hammer and / or ball mills, the centrifugal concentrator receives the material that was milled in the previous step mixed with water to perform a centrifugal washing.
Receiving the milled material, the concentrator acts on the separation and despise of part of the inserted material that has low specific weight (gravel, slurry and sand), leaving a gold-enriched concentrate for the next phase of finishing. It is important to note that the processing of this equipment takes place by the centrifugal force of the rotor and the injection of water in the process. The result at the end of a wash cycle is obtained by the higher density that gold and other metals have in relation to mud and sand.
The Brazmix Centrifugal Concentrator works efficiently and with very little need for component wear maintenance. The equipment works in cycles of 5 to 7 hours (recommended) where it accumulates the denser material that has been processed, so that it is turned off and cleaned, with the removal of the accumulated material for finishing. After cleaning, the concentrator is ready for another cycle of equal duration, observing the needs of shaft lubrication, belt adjustment and water filter cleaning.
The concentrated material that results from the work of this equipment will have a high concentration of gold and other metals of similar density (if the processed material has such minerals that allow the capture), being ready for finalization by the way that the client deems most appropriate for your application. Recalling that Brazmix Mining Equipment is totally against the use of mercury in the gold extraction process, the next phase for the capture of gold-dust is in charge of equipment such as the "Vibrating or Finishing Tables", which separate the gold from other metals and wastes from the concentrate.
BM-15 Concentrator
BM-15 Concentrator