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Crusher Mill BM-8

Brazmix Hammer Mills

Compact and Efficient

Hammer based rock crusher mill BM-8. Made of steel for stationary engine coupling. It also works in conjunction with centrifugal concentrator.

BM-21 ton/h15 CV1800 RPM940 X 1000 X 750 mm320 kg8 cm1,5 mm
BM-31,4 ton/h15 CV1800 RPM1100 X850 X 1200 mm480 kg11 cm1,5 mm
BM-615 ton/h40 CV1200 RPM2600 X 1080 X 2100 mm1.760 kg25 cm1 a 4 mm
BM-826 ton/h60 CV1200 RPM2600 X 1080 X 2100 mm2.050 kg25 cm1 a 4 mm


Technical description

Brazmix hammer mills line. Robust equipment to ensure efficient work with various materials.
Application: Suitable for crushing stones of any kind, as long as it is permissible within operating specifications. It must be operated using a water stream, together with the material allowed for grinding. It must be coupled to the stationary motor for the hammer shaft function.
The parts that make up the hammer mill are; 1- Steel Outer Body, 2- Shaft, 3- Hammers, 4- Grilled Bars, 5- Side Coats, 6- Top Coating, 7- Bearings and 8-Easels
Of major importance to the operation there are hammers that are worn according to the abrasiveness of the admitted material, such as grilled bars or strips that also come into direct contact with the ground material and deteriorating side and top coatings over time. .
The motorization and coupling installation to use this equipment is the responsibility of the customer who purchases it, and should even consult the operating performance information (RPM, CV, Capacity / Hour and maximum input material).
Crusher Mill BM-8